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August Facts

Fun Facts

Birthstone: Agate or onyx

Flower: Gladiolus or poppy

Zodiac signs: Leo and Virgo

Aug 2nd National Kids Day

Aug 6th Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima (1945)

Aug 7th Friendship Day

Aug 7th First Pictures of Earth Taken from Space (1959)

Aug 9th International Art Appreciation Day

Aug 12th Tyrannosaurus Sue Discovered (1990)

Aug 14th Largest Blackout in U.S. History (2003)

Aug 15th Woodstock Music & Art Fair Opened (1969)

Aug 17th Klondike Gold Rush Began (1896)

Aug 21st Mona Lisa Stolen (1911)

Aug 23rd International Day for Remembrance of Slave Trade & Its Abolition

Aug 24th Mexico Gained Independence from Spain (1821)

Aug 25th Earth First Photographed from the Moon (1966)

Aug 26th Women's Equality Day

Aug 28th MLK Gave "I Have a Dream" Speech (1963)

Aug 29th Hurricane Katrina Devastated Gulf Coast (2005)

Aug 30th Thurgood Marshall Confirmed as First Black Supreme Court Justice (1967)

National Breastfeeding Month

National Immunization Awareness Month

Psoriasis Awareness Month

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