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Teacher Spotlight: Meet Miss Reyna from Our Bellevue Center

Lil’ People’s World daycare centers in Bellevue, Kirkland, and Seattle are fortunate to have a team of passionate, caring, and talented preschool teachers. And we are more than happy to brag about them!

Miss Reyna, a Lil' People's World teacher at our Bellevue, WA center.
Miss Reyna has been a teacher for more than three years in our field, and her expertise in waddlers shines brightly! She enjoys what each child has to offer and how individualized they are.

It is our pleasure to shine the spotlight on Miss Reyna Stefhania López Amaya, a lead teacher in our waddler program. Miss Reyna started her journey with Lil’ People’s World in Bellevue just one year ago and has progressed to be not only a fabulous teacher but a phenomenal addition to our crew.

Ensuring that all children in her care feel loved and heard, Miss Reyna’s interactions with her waddlers are always fun and exciting. She uses art and sensory activities to spark their ever-evolving development. And Miss Reyna is thrilled not only to bring positivity to her classroom but also to help expand on the children’s development with total Spanish immersion and open-ended exploration.

Miss Reyna is highly admired by her coworkers!

​“Miss Reyna is a very loving, encouraging, and supportive teacher as well as a mother,” says Nani Ocampo, the program supervisor at our Bellevue childcare center. “She gives love equally to all the children in the center. Reyna does everything possible to communicate with the families and her co-workers.”
“Reyna is warm and loving,” shares Bellevue Center Director Brit Harris. “She brings joy to everyone she interacts with. She Always has a fun, positive Attitude that greatly influences the culture of our center."

What does Miss Reyna like most about being a teacher? That’s easy: The children!

Miss Reyna, a Lil' People's World teacher at our Bellevue, WA center.
Miss Reyna is a hands-on teacher who makes learning fun!

In addition, she values the treatment she receives from management at our center. At Lil’ People’s World, we understand the importance of and embrace building a structured team because it allows for growth opportunities — not just in children but in helping teachers to blossom as well.

Miss Reyna says that getting into the field of childcare just kind of happened, and she wouldn’t change a thing. “I discovered that it makes me happy to see the children and parents happy,” she says. Sometimes that’s all it takes to find your passion in life: happenstance.

Miss Reyna is proud to be a teacher, and this is the perfect example:

“With me, you can have the confidence and certainty that your children will be well cared for because apart from teaching them, I love them very much. I give them the affection and love that they need to be great and strong.”

The children in her care back this up! They are thrilled to arrive each day and are ready to experience all the wonderful things that the day brings while in Miss Reyna’s care.

Who was Miss Reyna’s biggest influence? “My Granny!” she shares without missing a beat. And if she could have any superpower, Miss Reyna says she would love to time travel if given the chance to allow her mom to stay with her.

Miss Reyna is currently into reading and developing her English and is enjoying many books to reach her goal. (Her favorite children’s book is Cinderella.) Never stop learning, Miss Reyna! She is currently collecting small stuffed animals and finds them comforting. And of course, the most important question, grilled cheese, or PB&J? “Grilled Cheese!”

Thank you, Miss Reyna, for being a teacher worth highlighting! You rock!

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