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Teacher Spotlight: Miss Lupita from Our Bellevue Daycare

We love to share the stories of our exceptional teachers, and we are thrilled to highlight the talents of Miss Lupita from our Bellevue daycare center. (Check out our other Teacher Spotlight posts—we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!)

Miss Luptia of our Bellevue Center at Lil' People's World
Miss Lupita is a favorite to sit with during meals and snack time!

Miss Lupita has been a preschool teacher with Lil’ People’s World since 2022, and she currently works with 1- to 2-year-olds in the Tropical Trails classroom. This age is never a breeze, but Lupita makes it look easy! She arrives each day ready to start a new adventure with the children in her care.

Lupita is a huge part of our Dual Language Spanish Enrichment Program, and she ensures that the children in her care are ready to learn in both English and Spanish. She reads them books, creates works of art with them, and always finds time to give each of the children some individualized attention. Miss Lupita is truly adored.

Miss Lupita's daughter, Sophia, is simply the sweetest!
Miss Lupita's daughter, Sophia, is simply the sweetest!

But she didn’t start her career in early childcare education. Previously, Lupita was a nurse, and she developed a passion for teaching along the way. Sometimes you find your true joy when you least expect it. Lupita says that her biggest influence is her young daughter, Sophia.

“She is right at the age where she is so adorable and yet has so much to learn and explore,” Lupita says. “She always keeps me going.”

In fact, Lupita says that if she could have any superpower, it would be to slow down time so that she could spend more time with her daughter at this precious young age.

“Every moment counts,” Lupita says, “and she is my everything.”

Miss Lupita is a valuable member of our team, who is appreciate by staff, parents, and kids alike!
A valuable member of our team, Miss Lupita (right) is appreciated by staff, parents, and kids alike!

At Lil’ People’s World, we value a connection with all of our teachers, and it never gets old when they share with us how much of an impact we have made in their lives. Lupita says that working at our daycare center has given her the opportunity to be professionally prepared as well as how to provide good customer service.

When Lupita starts her day with the children, she loves knowing that she is part of the reason that the children are growing and building on their abilities.

“It’s so satisfying to see the children learning what we teach them day-to-day,” Lupita says. “I get to care for each of the children, and I always care for them with respect, because everyone—big and small—deserves respect.”

These little humans’ minds contain so much intelligence, and they are constantly looking for new things to learn.


Miss Lupita is always "in the spirit," to read a good book!
Miss Lupita is always "in the spirit," to read a good book!

Lupita’s favorite book is El Principito, or The Little Prince, the beloved classic by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

“I love to read to the children in Spanish,” she says. “We all really benefit from it.”

When Lupita does get a moment to herself, she loves to read and is currently enjoying Paulo Coelho’s international bestseller, The Alchemist.

Although Miss Lupita is not a current collector of anything, she loves all her perfumes, very much. And when it comes to food, Lupita enjoys Pozole the most. She says this traditional Mexican soup “exceeds any PB&J or grilled cheese, by far!”

Miss Lupita, from all of us at Lil’ People’s World, thank you for being a brilliant teacher, a generous soul, and an amazing Mommy. We truly appreciate all that you do for our families and community. It’s dedicated teachers like you that make the world go round.

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