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Daycare, Childcare & Preschool

Bellevue Location

14201 SE 8th Street, Bellevue, WA 98007

Preschool: 425.747.9050

Infant Center: 425.747.9056 

Fax: 425.962.7450


Location Hours: 7:30AM to 5:30PM

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Lil’ People’s World in Bellevue has been committed to the highest form of Early Childhood Education since 1996. Nestled within the Lake Hills community and a neighbor to the Woodridge, Wilburton, and West Lake Sammamish areas, our center is a premier provider of daycare, childcare, and preschool in Bellevue.

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Our Bellevue

Our preschool curriculum is always evolving to deliver top-notch early childhood education techniques, including the nationally recognized Creative Curriculum teaching strategy. Through music, art, and various fun-filled child-centered activities, plus our devotion to 1:1 to childcare, Lil’ People’s World Bellevue is not just a daycare and preschool—it’s your child’s home away from home. 

Unlike many preschools and daycare centers on the Eastside, tuition includes meals—check out our delicious and nutritious menu. Additionally, our programs and learning initiatives reflect the community’s diversity and incorporate many different languages spoken as many of our teachers are fluent in languages beyond English. And besides our standard curriculum, our Bellevue childcare center offers a special music program through Mr. John’s Music. We also have new dance and gymnastics programs through Webby, and the Library Bus visits every month. Plus, at the beginning of 2024, we installed a fun (and safe) new playground that the children love.

Interactive preschool sensory activities at Lil People's World Bellevue.
Engaging Early Childhood Education activities at Lil People's World Bellevue.

Lil’ People’s World is just as much a home away from home for our teachers as it is for our students, with many of our teachers having been with us for decades. In fact, our average tenure length for teachers is 5 years, which is very uncommon in the early childhood education field. The family-like atmosphere that fills our Bellevue center only improves the impact of our incredible program and provides continuous reassurance of belonging for every child.

Schedule a Tour

Visit our vibrant Bellevue preschool and early childhood daycare center today. You’ll get to know our wonderfully talented teachers dedicated to empowering your child through an individualized focus on their needs. Our goal is to create a positive, long-term relationship with families.

Engaged Daycare Teacher at LPW Bellevue preschool.
Dual Language Learning

Dual Language Learning
in Bellevue

English and Spanish

In addition to our creative-focused daycare and preschool learning objectives, Bellevue Lil’ People’s World has a dual-language learning program that offers a unique, preschool educational approach to nurture children's education in both English and Spanish. 

Embodying Bellevue’s diverse community, our dual-language program allows children to not only develop bilingual literacy skills but also immerse themselves in different cultures and traditions. This process is deeply impactful at the preschool level as it instills openmindedness and cultural equality at such a young age. Normalizing the diversity in language, culture, and backgrounds that make up our community and beyond helps set the stage for long-term inclusive expectations throughout a child’s life.

We strive to use this powerful model to address opportunity gaps, especially for Bellevue children and families whose first language is not English or who identify within historically marginalized populations. Join us to provide your child with a transformative preschool learning experience that embraces language, culture, and inclusivity representative of our multicultural Bellevue community.

Children engaged in dual-language learning activities at LPW Bellevue daycare.

Our Bellevue Classrooms

Discover our inviting reading room at Lil People's World Bellevue daycare.
  • Hidden Meadow: infants (ages 2 months to 18 months)

  • Whisper Creek: infants (ages 2 months to 18 months)

  • Tropical Trails: waddlers (ages 12 months to 24 months)

  • Treetop Village: toddlers (ages 24 to 36 months)

  • Glacier Bay: preschool (ages 2½ to 3)

  • Sunset Villa: preschool  (ages 2½ to 3)

  • Pacific Falls: preschool (ages 3 and 4)

  • Crystal Cavern: school-age (ages 5 to 11)


Our Bellevue Preschool Directors

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