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Teacher Spotlight: Meet Miss Christina from our Seattle Center

Updated: Mar 27

At Lil' People's World, we are so fortunate to have an amazing staff of passionate, caring, talented preschool teachers. So why not show them off a little? Welcome to our very first teacher profile!

We're starting by highlighting Miss Christina from our Seattle Center. Miss Christina has a great passion for working with children. She has been with Lil' People's World since February 2010 and is now our Lead Toddler Teacher.

Miss Christina puts so much time, attention, and detail into the layout of her classroom, called the Disco room. The thought she puts into the materials for her room and children, and the care she puts into her day-to-day interactions with her children are nothing short of amazing. Whether she is outside with the kiddos or inside her classroom leading her children around the room and through activities, Miss Christina's caring voice absolutely permeates. She is truly an inspiration at our Seattle center and a leader!

Not only does Miss Christina teach her wonderful room full of children, she also helps and fills in here and there alongside Jenee and Angela in the office. She is so helpful and thoughtful, and communicates well with parents and peers. We appreciate Miss Christina and her help around the center.

A word from Christina’s management team, Jenee & Angela:

“Miss Christina is a wonderful person and educator. She is very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of working in a never-stopping center. She excels in organization and children's classroom environments. Miss Christina puts a lot of thought into every detail in her classroom and what her children need. It has been wonderful to see Miss Christina evolve in our profession, as our field is forever changing. We want to thank her for all of her hard work and dedication to our center and families.”

Miss Christina fosters a creative, environment for her kiddos. Check out her classroom's most recent art project!

We would love for all of our families to get to know a little more about our fabulous teacher, if they didn't already.

Miss Christina's classroom features unique learning modules and activities for all her students.
Miss Christina's classroom features unique learning modules and activities for all her students.

Miss Christina’s areas of expertise are organization and fostering children’s skills in independence. She has been teaching in Early Education for 24 years and working for Lil’ People’s World for 13 years. Some of her favorite things about being a teacher are that she really loves the sense of community from families and co-workers.

“I feel like this company is always trying to do what is best for our kiddos,” she says. “Our management team is thinking about the big picture, each and every child’s future, and what is best for the kids. They are supportive of each teacher’s personal needs and try daily to

ensure that we are being heard.”

Miss Christina’s career started with job training when she was a teenager. She moved to Seattle and found a position teaching Pre-K. “I enjoyed teaching so much that I didn’t see myself anywhere else but working with children,” she says.

One thing she wishes people knew about her job is how demanding this field can be.

“Teachers are constantly practicing patience and empathy,” she says. “Working with children is challenging, both mentally and physically. However, this field is one of the most rewarding. I get to play a part in our future, and I love my kiddos.”

Who had the most influence on Miss Christina growing up? “My Great Grandma Shirley,” she says with a fond smile. “She raised me for the first 8 years of my life. She would sit with me, reading and singing. She gave me my love for fruit and vegetables as well. I consider her my foundation of the love I have working with my kiddos.” Miss Christina’s first job was working at a facility with children who were born addicted. Her job was transporting them through the building to their different therapy sessions.

Miss Christina reading to her students.
Miss Christina reading to her students.

Reading is a big part of Miss Christina's teaching, and choosing a favorite children's book isn't easy for her because she loves so many of them. “I really love Itzy Bitzy House, written by Christine Morton- Shaw. It’s about an old man who lives on a hill and takes in animals that need love. I want to be him one day. I have two kittens that I just took in recently. Their names are Birdie and Matilda. Lots of work, but I love them.”

If Miss Christina could have any superpower, it would be “insta recharge – NO need for sleep. I could get everything I wanted done. Never tired. How great would that be working with children?” she asks. Currently, Miss Christina is binge watching the show Alone on Hulu, which is about surviving in the wilderness. “I love watching each individual's skill set. I already know what kind of shelter I am capable of building, stay tuned. LOL!”

In her free time, Miss Christina loves to collect art, taxidermy, natural specimens, and plants. She says, “I’m hoping to collect a custom Brandi Milne.”

And now, Miss Christina, we need to know: PB&J or grilled cheese?!?!? “Grilled Cheese!" she says. "Because cheese!!”

Thank you, Miss Christina, for all you do for the children you teach and for having such a positive impact on Lil' People's World. You are amazing!

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