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Teacher Spotlight: Miss Mika in Our Seattle Preschool

We are very excited to announce our newest highlighted teacher of the month Miss Mika for the Seattle location. 

Lil People's World Preschool Teacher Reading to Early Childhood Education Students
In our North Seattle Apple Grove room, storytelling is more than a lesson; it's the heart of early education.

Miss Mika is a cherished member of our Seattle team. She currently teaches in the Apple Grove preschool room. Miss Mika's areas of expertise lie in her interactions and use of creative expression — while building attachments with each child and helping them find what they can progress on.

Miss Mika enjoys creating process art with the children, focusing on the moment instead of the product. Miss Mika provides opportunities for her children to use their imagination with STEM activities, as well. Whether she is growing plants, or focusing on art genres, each child in her room is enthralled with her activities. Miss Mika also enjoys designing clever, artful boards for her classroom to share.

Miss Mika has been in a teaching role since her first job as a substitute preschool teacher. She fell in love with teaching when she became aware of how much of a positive impact she was making on children. Miss Mika enjoyed the preschool age group so much that she worked for the same childcare center for the next twenty-three years.


After leaving her last position, Miss Mika has now worked for Lil’ People’s World for almost two years. She has been a truly uplifting, generous teacher, and works with her co-teachers to establish a very well-run classroom. Miss Mika Exclaims, “When you find a co-teacher that fits with your teaching style, energy, and enthusiasm, it can’t get any better than that.” Miss Mika loves watching the fascination children have when they make a connection and “Get it!”

Here at Lil’ People’s World, we can all agree that finding a great teacher is pertinent to the classroom environment. Miss Mika shares that the reason she initially had a passion for working with young children is related to a sad childhood memory. “When I was twelve years old, I very sadly found my four-week-old infant niece had passed away from SIDS. I don’t want that for any child, and I take special precautions to ensure all my children are well cared for and safe.” From a heartbreaking beginning, Miss Mika has shown herself to be a true leader in early childhood education.


While reading with the children in circle time, Miss Mika frequently chooses some of her favorite books to read, “Skippy John Jones and Anything Dr. Suess!” Some true classics in the ECE world. Miss Mika adds, “I love all the Dr. Suess books, but my few extra favorites are Green Eggs and Ham, The Grinch, or Yurtle the Turtle!”

Miss Mika Reading to our Preschool Students in North Seattle
Witness the joy of learning as Miss Mika unfolds captivating tales. Each story is a stepping stone in the adventure of our young minds.

We asked Miss Mika what superpower she would like to have and why. Miss Mika would love to be invincible but also super strong. “With a combination like that, I could help to protect everyone!” Miss Mika states. 

Miss Mika's classroom Christmas tree.
Experience the festive spirit in Miss Mika's room — walls adorned with a beautifully crafted Christmas tree and other festive decor.

Miss Mika is currently re-watching “Game of Thrones”. There will always be a show that is far more chaotic than a preschool classroom. Calms the mind knowing that. If Miss Mika is not watching a TV show she is catching up on one of the many DVDs in her large collection. 

Miss Angela, Seattle Program Supervisor shares, “As an ECE program we are thrilled and delighted to have a teacher as amazing as Miss Mika. Anytime I get a chance to visit the preschool room for observations it is always a delight to see what fun project she has going on. The children adore her. It’s truly wonderful watching her in action!” 

We asked Miss Mika our final question, “Grilled cheese or PB&J?”, and without hesitation she replied, “Grilled cheese, with American cheese and white bread.” Keeping it a classic. 


Thank you, Miss Mika, from all of us, you are an incredible teacher and a positive role model for teachers and children alike in the ECE profession. We can’t wait to see what you will be up to in the years to come!

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