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Teacher Spotlight: Miss Delia from Our Bellevue Daycare

 Miss Delia, a dedicated float teacher at our Bellevue location, ensuring seamless transitions for children with her unwavering love and care.
Miss Delia, a dedicated float teacher at our Bellevue location, ensures seamless transitions for children of all ages with her unwavering love and care.

We can’t wait to present to you Miss Delia from our Bellevue Location as our highlighted teacher of the month! Miss Delia is loved by all the staff and the children in her care. They look up to her, and so do we! Miss Delia’s dedication to teaching and diligence are insurmountable, and we wouldn’t trade her for the world! (Check out our additional teacher spotlights to get to know more of our beloved teachers. We are so grateful for each and every one of them!)

Miss Delia has been a part of the Lil’ People’s World team for more than 16 years (WOW!), starting with our facilities in February 2007. As a float teacher, Miss Delia spends her time in and out of every classroom, getting to know all the children individually. Miss Delia specializes in adaptation, patiently working with every child and teacher to make transitions between the classrooms calm and flawless.


Our Bellevue Director Miss Brit exclaims, “Miss Delia is the most loyal and driven teacher that we could ever ask for. She loves all the kiddos and puts so much time and effort into the positive interactions she has. She is ambitious and always learning new things to become an even more considerate teacher for all the children in her care.” Miss Delia, we can’t thank you enough!

When originally offered her job at Lil’ People’s World, Miss Delia was thrilled to have the ability to work in a field she loved, and the opportunity to work alongside her daughter. Miss Delia’s family, especially her Abuela Zenaida and Abuelo Pablo, have had the biggest influence on her. Miss Delia says “They taught me strength and hard work, on top of respect for my own abilities.” Her first job when she was younger was helping her Abuelo in the fields, which only made her love for him stronger. Miss Delia believes that work is easy to enjoy when you’re alongside people who make you happy, and we couldn’t agree more!

Reading with the children is one of Miss Delia’s most prized parts of teaching. Her favorite book to read is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr., a classic since 1967. Reading to the children is a universal positive — whether Miss Delia reads in Spanish or English, the children always enjoy the stories and all the wonderful pictures. Reading in the classroom as a center float teacher allows Miss Delia to bring the rooms together with delightful words. All the children flock toward the books, and when they’re read by such an engaged teacher, the children’s attention comes naturally.

Miss Delia wishes more people knew that teaching in the ECE field, like many other jobs, has its ups and downs. All teachers have their own way of teaching, and there are good days as well as those days that require more patience. Miss Delia says, “We are all here for the same reason, and we love what we do.” Absolutely true, Miss Delia — and we love the work you do!

If she could choose any superpower, Miss Delia would opt for the ability to protect all children, because they are not yet able to protect themselves. “Innocence and our future are worth saving, and I would love to do that,” Miss Delia exclaims.


Miss Delia’s Favorites

A special day at the Mariners game, thanks to the generous gift from one of our amazing Lil' People's World families! Miss Delia was all smiles cheering on the Mariners!
A special day at the Mariners game, thanks to the generous gift from one of our amazing Lil' People's World families! Miss Delia was all smiles cheering on the Mariners!

Currently, Miss Delia is enthralled with random Latin and Hispanic series on television. When she needs time to sit back and relax, her shows get the job done. Her valued collections are of her children’s art — which, of course, are the best gifts to receive!

There was a notable silence when we asked Miss Delia the biggest question “PB&J or Grilled Cheese?” Miss Delia by far enjoys her ethnic classic, Birria! Traditionally made with goat, Birria is stewed for hours with red chillis and several other intensely flavorful spices. Then it's shredded and enjoyed with tortillas dipped in the consommé, created by the meat. We might all just switch to Birria in the future. YUM!

Thank you, Miss Delia, for all that you do! It’s teachers just like you who make such a favorable impact on the lives of our children.

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