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Teacher Spotlight: Miss Helena from Our Seattle Center

At Lil’ People’s World, we love bragging about our incredible teachers, and we hope you’re enjoying our Teacher Spotlight posts. With outstanding educators at our three daycare centers serving infants through preschool, we have a lot of stories to tell!

Today, we’re sharing the story of Miss Helena, a Pre-K teacher in the Canyon classroom of our Seattle location. She is a bright soul and a phenomenal teacher who has been at Lil’ People’s World since 2021, growing leaps and bounds with each year.


Miss Helena enjoys getting outside with her students, at out North Seattle Preschool Location
Miss Helena enjoys getting outside with her students!

Teaching comes naturally for Miss Helena as it runs in her family.

Since graduating from high school, she has had a passion for teaching young minds. Growing up in Los Angeles, Miss Helena’s mom was a teacher and a librarian, so the apple does not fall far from the tree! “My aunt, cousins, and mom all led me to love teaching,” she says. “I cherish the outcomes, and I am good at it.”

Miss Helena earned a teaching certificate in elementary education, and she had the incredible experience of returning to teach as an aide at her elementary school. “I was able to work with all ages,” she says, “and that gave me a better idea about where to focus my teaching age preferences.” She taught there until relocating to Seattle in 2020.

Some of Miss Helena’s favorite things about being a teacher are how quirky and unique her kiddos are. Even when they push every button, she enjoys the challenge, and at the end of the day, they always make her laugh. She enjoys the small things like hugs and adoration — it feels good to be loved.

A story that always brings a smile to Miss Helena’s face: “A child came in holding a gift bag. Inside the bag were a big, detailed picture and an empty TicTac® box that she wanted to share with me as a gift. I was overjoyed! For this child, this gift was everything, and sharing it with me made her feel so appreciated.” The child was so proud! Miss Helena makes it a point to let children know how proud she is of them too.

What does she think more people should know about teaching? “It’s not babysitting and is a lot harder than it looks!” she exclaims. “Teachers should be paid more for their work; giving individualized attention is draining.” Oh, Miss Helena, we could not agree more! Sometimes the hardest jobs in life are the ones that go unnoticed.

Miss Helena’s parents had the most influence on her. She is proud to share that they are still together and thriving, which has made a huge difference in how she teaches. “My parents worked hard and gave us as many explorative adventures as they could,” she remembers. “There was never a dull moment. My dad would always work long hours, while my mom took care of everything else. They always found time to create an adventure for me.”

Thoughts from Miss Jenee, our Seattle center director:

“She works with a strong team in the Canyon classroom, where all the teachers have unique strengths and can take charge of individual activities. Miss Helena holds up the classroom with her creativity, and she supports each child with passion. She knows just what to say and always keeps it fun. We are proud of her teamwork and connectedness! Thank you, Helena, for being such a critical part of our team.”
Miss Helena is a great preschool teacher at Lil People's World North Seattle.
Miss Helena is a great mentor and playmate for her students!

Her current adventure is wrapping up a re-watch of The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. She loves how epic and grand the story is, and the elves are quite enjoyable. When it comes to books, Miss Helena’s favorite is Dr. Suess’ Fox in Socks. It’s all the rhyming tongue twisters that she enjoys, and the children get a kick out of all the silliness. And if she could have any superpower, it would be the ability to talk to animals. Miss Helena would love to know what her mischievous cat is thinking.

And now, for the most important question of all: Grilled cheese or PB&J? “Quesadillas are close, right?” Miss Helena asks. “They are so quick and easy, not to mention delicious.”


Miss Helena’s expertise resides around creative experiences and writing curricula. “I work well on a team,” she says, “and between my fellow co-leads and me, we get it done.” She says she wants to make an impact, and oh boy, has she ever!

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